Life Spine publishes white paper on ProLift expandable spacer system



Life Spine has developed the ProLift expandable spacer system

Life Spine has announced today the publication of a white paper examining the immediate restoration of patient disc height, foraminal height and lordosis with the ProLift expandable spacer system. This white paper is one of many papers and studies that Life Spine will be releasing over the next few years, the company said in a statement.

The paper assessed the results of patients who had undergone one or two level transforaminal lumbar interbody fusions (TLIFs) with the ProLift system across four separate sites. The objective of the paper was to see how the benefits of the ProLift system affected immediate patient results. Some benefits of the ProLift system are facilitated insertion through collapsed initial height, in situ expansion to optimise endplate contact and restoration of disc height, Life Spine added in its press release.

Top takeaways from the paper include an average focal lordotic correction of over 5 degrees, average disc height correction of nearly 4mm and average restoration of foraminal height of about 4mm. The study found that use of the ProLift expandable interbody device for open and minimally invasive TLIF procedures resulted in superior results and lower subsidence rates to those of static devices reported in published literature.

“Since launching the system we have received excellent feedback and results from our surgeon users in case reports, so it was important for us to log more substantial clinical data against traditional interbody devices to see just how well ProLift performs. The results are outstanding and I am looking forward to the results of our full ProLift clinical study,” said Mariusz Knap, senior VP of Business Development & Marketing for Life Spine.


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