Life Spine launches Prolift lordotic expandable interbody solution


Life Spine has announced the launch of its Prolift lordotic expandable interbody solution with the company’s Osseo-Loc technology.

Prolift lordotic allows for in-situ disc height restoration, for minimally invasive posterior lumbar interbody fusion, transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion and oblique approaches. Prolift lordotic, which incorporates the Osseo-Loc surface technology, is intended to provide the surgeon the ability to restore normal spinal pelvic parameters with the multiple lordotic options, while continuing to build upon the patented expandable technologies.

Osseo-Loc, Life Spine’s proprietary surface treatment, is designed to create a geometric surface architecture which is intendted to offer the clinical advantage of providing an osteoclastic environment, documented for the recruitment of bone building osteoblasts on titanium implants to assist with healing and solid fusions.