Life Spine completes first surgical cases with TRULIFT Expandable Spacer System


Life Spine receives approval from FDA

Life Spine has announced the completion of the first surgeries with the TRULIFT Expandable Spacer System–a micro-invasive technology for use in transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) and posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF) procedures.

According to Life Spine, the TRULIFT Expandable Spacer System with Osseo-Loc Surface Technology allows for true positioning and a less invasive procedure. TRULIFT also provides cephalad/caudal height expansion while minimising tissue disruption, nerve retraction, and helping restore patient alignment, says the firm.

Richard Weiner, a physician at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas (Dallas, Texas), said: “Minimally invasive (MIS) surgery continues to evolve and as a result, clinical outcomes continue to improve. Use of expandable technology, such as the TRULIFT Expandable Spacer System, has shown a significant reduction in procedure time and improvement in my patient outcomes.

“TRULIFT allows for restoration of anatomical alignment and maintains its length during expansion offering increased endplate coverage.”

Orthopaedic surgeon, John Czerwein (Providence, USA), added: “I believe that MIS surgery provides significant benefits to my patients. TRULIFT allows for a generous 6mm of expansion and the implant maintains its proximity to the endplates throughout its entire expansion range. This adds to the armamentarium of MIS options giving me more choices to match surgical treatment algorithms.”


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