Life Spine announces initial clinical cases with Pro-Link Ti stand-alone cervical spacer system


Life Spine has successfully completed initial cases with its recently-launched Pro-Link Ti stand-alone cervical spacer system. Pro-Link Ti offers a low-profile, stand-alone cervical interbody, incorporating Osseo-Loc, a proprietary surface treatment for titanium which helps create an environment for potential bone growth. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided 510(k) marketing clearance for the Pro-Link Ti system in September 2016.

Thomas B Scully, Northwest Neuro Specialists, Tuscon, USA, stated that, “Similar to the original PEEK version of Pro-Link, which we have used for years with great results, this latest titanium addition to the Pro-Link family gives us another great option to improve patient treatment. I personally prefer the titanium construction for ensured strength and increased likelihood of fusion.”

Life Spine also announced “industry-leading post-packing capabilities” with its e-LIF expandable lateral interbody fusion procedure, which includes the Centric expandable retractor system, the Longbow expandable lateral interbody system, the Sentry lateral plate system and the newly-launched Graft Delivery Device. Longbow is the first lateral A/P expanding interbody, providing nearly double its width during in situ expansion, reducing muscle retraction and potential nerve damage. When Longbow is combined with the Graft Delivery Device, post-pack graft volumes of over 11cc can be delivered, Life Spine claims.

In a separate press release, Life Spine, announced a third quarter sales growth rate of 32%, as compared with the same quarter in 2015.