Life Spine announces first surgical cases of the ProLift micro endoscopic expandable spacer system


Life Spine receives approval from FDALife Spine has revealed the completion of the first surgical cases utilising its ProLift micro endoscopic expandable spacer system.

ProLift micro is a uniquely designed micro invasive expandable spacer that supports a range of procedures including endoscopic transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion / posterior lumbar interbody fusion, minimally invasive and open, say the company.

ProLift micro is offered in an 8mm width and expands in-situ from 8mm to 13mm. It can be deployed through a micro Invasive cannula utilising endoscopic visualisation. Once inserted, ProLift micro expands in situ to restore disc height and patient alignment.

Utilising an endoscopic approach allows the physician to work through a small channel which minimises the required incision and retraction typically associated with transforaminal lumbar interbody fusions, states Life Spine, adding that the endoscope protects surrounding vascular structures and provides real time visualisation.

Anthony Hall, a neurosurgeon from Hollywood, USA, said: “The endoscopic approach of ProLift micro allows for direct visualisation at the annulus level. Placement of an interbody is facilitated and secured by the ability to look directly at the cage and achieve optimal positioning with minimal entry for the patient.”


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