Life Spine announces first surgical case of ProLift Lateral HELO fixated


Life Spine receives approval from FDALife Spine has announced the first surgical case of the ProLift Lateral HELO fixated expandable lateral spacer system.

The ProLift Lateral HELO fixated with Osseo-Loc surface technology offers a micro invasive solution for lateral lumbar interbody fusion, say Life Spine.

The company adds that, with in situ lordotic expansion from 5° up to 20°, ProLift Lateral HELO fixated allows for sagittal balance and lordosis correction. With the small starting height options and maximum end plate coverage, it is designed to minimise impaction, preserve end plate integrity, and maximise indirect decompression.

Adam Lewis of Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic (Flowood, USA), said: “The treatment for adjacent segment disease in the lumbar spine continues to evolve and improve. ProLift Lateral HELO fixated allows for up to 8mm of expansion and 5-20˚ lordotic expansion. Surgeons can restore sagittal and coronal balance with a short learning curve.”


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