Life Spine announces first cases for ProLift system


Initial cases with the ProLift expandable interbody system, which restores disc height, in-situ, for minimally invasive PLIF, TLIF and oblique approaches, have been successfully completed, according to a Life Spine press release.

“The biggest challenge in performing interbody fusions is to place a large enough spacer without excessive traction along the nerves. The ProLift device allows for standard protection of the neurological structures and little to no actual traction applied to the nerves,” says Alexander Bailey, of
Precision Spine & Orthopaedic Specialists in Kansas City, USA. “As an added benefit of this design, the in-situ distraction achieved after placement in the desired location creates a situation in which migration or expulsion is nearly eliminated.”

“During my initial procedures, bilateral grafts were delivered through two-inch incision sites which allowed for minimal muscle disruption; allowing my patients to go home postop day one. Distraction capabilities were easily maximised, and used in conjunction with Centerline midline screws, I was able to create a minimally invasive yet robust final construct,” says John Anson, of the Spine and Brain Institute of Las Vegas, USA.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided 510(k) marketing clearance to the ProLift system in March 2016.