Levó head positioning system for spine surgery by Mizuho OSI introduced at NASS 2017


Levo head positioning systemThe Levó head positioning system, developed by Mizuho OSI, was showcased at last week’s North American Spine Society (NASS) annual meeting in Orlando, Florida, USA. The positioning system—for procedures from cervical to sacrum—attaches to the company’s modular spine surgery tables and the Trios table, and provides a “new level of actuated control and precision” for head positioning during surgery.

The Levó is powered by an internal battery that lasts for several surgeries—accordingly, the system is portable and does not need to be connected to power during a procedure. Skull clamps, electro-mechanical control and a locking system prevents any movement of the head during the procedure.

“In designing the Levó System, we wanted to offer surgeons a seamless and flexible solution that affords them better control over patient positioning during these delicate procedures,” says Greg Neukirch, vice president of Marketing and Sales at Mizuho OSI. “We’re proud to unveil a solution we believe works to enhance clinicians’ surgical experience.”

Detachable handles allow for smooth positioning during a procedure, and discrete x- and y-axis controls may be operated separately for more precise manoeuvrability. The modular design “support[s] the use of a skull clamp or face pillow”, delivering “optimal utilisation,” according to the company.

The Levó head positioning system provides for “safe and precise care … for all prone spine procedures,” says Neukirch.

Levo head positioning system with spine surgery table
The Levó head positioning system, from Mizuho OSI, attaches to the company’s modular spine surgery table

The US-based Mizuho OSI, owned by the Mizuho Corporation of Japan, is primarily known for its specialty surgical tables, including those designed specifically for spine surgeries.


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