Leader Biomedical partners with BioTiss Austria to further develop eCOO technology platform


Leader Biomedical Group has partnered with BioTiss, in order to consolidate human musculoskeletal tissue processing at their facilities in Austria. The partnership should enable the company to further develop the eCOO technology platform, which uses supercritical CO2 to produce tissue products used in orthopaedic, dental, and wound care markets.

Leader Biomedical will benefit from BioTiss’ technological capabilities and resources, as well as being able to leverage their network of hospitals and tissue banks to market its products. It will also enable the company to enter the infection care market with the newly acquired rights to provide OSTEOmycin – the only antibiotic-impregnated allograft on the market processed with eCOO Technology.

The eCOO technology platform applies supercritical CO2 to produce safe, osteogenic grafts. It is a milder technique compared to conventional tissue processing, designed to result in grafts exhibiting beneficial bio-molecular and mechanical characteristics such as avoidance of protein degradation, better cell adhesion, and superior tensile strength and torque. The platform can be used to produce a variety of products such as bone void fillers, structural grafts, demineralised bone matrix, as well as connective and other soft tissue products.

“I am excited to welcome Winkler as a valuable partner in this alliance, which is an important milestone in the global rollout of eCOO Technology. It both expands Leader Biomedical’s allograft processing capacity in Europe and allows EMCM to focus on its core activities in the manufacturing of liquids, suspensions, and gels,” says Leo Liyeung, Executive Director of Leader Biomedical Group.

This new venture follows Leader Biomedical Group’s recent expansion into India and Brazil.