LDR’s VerteBRIDGE plating technology reaches new milestone


LDR Holding Corporation announced that there have been more than 50,000 implantations of its exclusive VerteBRIDGE plating technology worldwide. Since its introduction in 2007 in France and in 2008 in the United States of America, VerteBRIDGE technology has grown to a comprehensive platform of products with integrated, zero-profile, in-line plating technology adapted for use in anterior cervical, anterior lumbar, oblique lumbar, and lateral lumbar applications.

LDR has experienced substantial and consistent growth with the ROI-C cervical cage and the ROI-A midline and oblique ALIF cages, and has seen early and significant adoption of the Avenue L lateral lumbar cage. The portfolio of cages with VerteBRIDGE technology has been used by surgeons around the world and continues to show great potential.


William L Mills, a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon specialising in spinal procedures at Coastal Orthopaedics in Conway, South Carolina, USA, shares, “VerteBRIDGE plating technology gives me the unique ability to secure the primary stability of the interbody implant through a minimally invasive approach, in a trajectory that is directly in-line to the disc, and with an ease of use and reproducibility not elsewhere available in the market. For properly indicated patients, I feel that the stand-alone ability of ROI-C and ROI-A benefits those patients who can be treated without additional fixation.”