Lattice Biologics to launch three matrix-assisted regeneration products


Lattice Biologics is to launch three new products using its patent-pending matrix-assisted regeneration (MAR) platform; MarBrane and MarGraft and MarCell.

“With the advent of the cell viability biomarkers that Lattice Biologics is developing and implementing in their tissue recovery process, I am excited to participate in this revolutionary new approach,” states Richard D Guyer, chairman of the Texas Back Institute (Plano, Texas), and a Lattice Biologics Scientific Advisory Board member.

“The ability to identify viable cells from non-viable cells promises a new understanding in this class of allograft tissue. It will be interesting to see if viable cells can auto-regulate BMPs (Bone Morphogenetic Proteins) in sufficient levels to induce spinal fusion.”

MarBrane is Lattice Biologics’ first amniotic tissue membrane product harvested from placental tissue. This versatile biologic is processed using the company’s patent pending matrix-assisted regeneration (MAR) technology which protects cells during the recovery process, intended to allow for greater cell viability. MarBrane has been developed for use in a broad range of markets and applications, including advanced wound, plastic surgery, pain management, spinal, orthopaedic, and ocular indications.