Lanx launches patient education website on minimally invasive spinal fusion


Lanx has announced the launch of  an educational website for patients suffering from chronic leg and back pain. The website includes information on the common causes of back pain, available treatment options, and new minimally invasive approaches to spine fusion that have been shown to relieve symptoms and that may help patients experience a faster return to activity and work.

“The new website is designed to be a resource for people suffering with debilitating back and leg pain, especially those who have not had success with conservative treatments and who may be considering surgery,” said Dan Gladney, chief executive officer, Lanx. “We hope it will give patients a greater understanding of their options so they can make an informed decision on what physician they choose and have an informed discussion on what treatment option is best for their situation.”

The website features information on the signs and symptoms of spinal degeneration, steps to relieve leg and back pain (from conservative measures through surgery), and less invasive options available for spinal fusion that may enable a quicker return to work and activities. It highlights Lanx’s minimally invasive offerings, including the ASPEN MIS Fusion System for posterior spinous process fixation, the TELLURIDE  MIS Spinal Fixation System for less invasive pedicle screw fixation, and the TIMBERLINE Lateral Fusion System for the lateral approach to interbody fusion.

Robert Tatsumi, Pacific Spine Specialists, Tualatin, USA, said: “Patients increasingly want to be as informed as possible about their treatment options, especially when it involves surgery. This new website will be a valuable tool to help educate my patients on what minimally invasive approaches are available, whether they are in the initial stages of researching treatment or further down the line and considering surgery.”

The website also includes patient testimonials on their experiences with pain and minimally invasive fusion, and the ability to find a local spine specialist performing minimally invasive fusion. For more information visit