Lanx launches its Timberline lateral modular plate fixation system


Lanx has announced the initial launch of its Timberline lateral modular plate fixation (MPF) system, the first modular anchored interbody device for lateral fusion, which it says will enhance the Timberline system platform that was launched last year. 

According to a company press release, the Timberline MPF system features a modular peek intervertebral spacer and a low-profile titanium plate implant with either a two- or four-screw design. The spacer is available in various widths, heights and lengths that can be assembled to multiple plate styles and sizes intraoperatively for customised fit and fixation. The system also includes streamlined instrumentation for assembly and implantation to accommodate patient anatomy.

Andrew Cappuccino, orthopaedic surgeon with Buffalo Spine Surgery, Lockport, USA, said: “The modular plate allows for tailored fixation based on the specific patient pathology and helps ensure rigid stability at the fusion site by optimising purchase in the sub-chondral bone of the vertebral body. I like that the system allows me the option of attaching the plate in situ after the peek interbody spacer has been inserted into the disc space. These advanced implant options further enhance the clinical benefits of the Timberline system, with its low-profile, radiolucent retractor and disc preparation instrumentation.”

The press release reported that the Timberline system generated rapid interest from the spinal community following its launch in early 2012, with hundreds of surgeons trained on the technology to date. The complete lateral fusion system includes rectangular PEEK interbody devices, a fibre optic lighting system and a low profile, modular and radiolucent retractor system designed for improved visibility and access to the disc space.