Kleiner Device Labs completes first surgery with KG2 Surge flow-thru interbody system

Anders Cohen performing the first spinal fusion procedure with the KG2 surge flow-thru interbody system (Kleiner Device Labs)

Kleiner Device Labs has announced that its new KG2 Surge flow-thru interbody system was used in its first surgical procedure. Anders Cohen performed a single-level transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF), fusing L5-S1 at The Brooklyn Hospital Center (New York, USA) on 19 July 2022.

Utilising the new device, bone graft delivered through the KG2 conduit was more than three times the volume of the void of the collapsed disk space, say the company.

“I was honoured to perform the inaugural KG2 Surge spinal fusion procedure,” said Cohen. “The system worked flawlessly, allowing precision placement of the interbody cage and fusion graft in a seamless sequential manner. The integrated fusion delivery system enabled a quick, maximum delivery of the graft material to the re-expanded disc space.

“The system is intuitive and reduces the number of steps usually needed to perform this procedure. There is minimal learning curve for the physician and our team.”

According to a company press release, the KG2 Surge flow-thru interbody system is a single-patient-use bone graft delivery tool coupled with a 3D-printed titanium I-Beam fusion implant. The implant has no lateral walls and serves as a conduit for unimpeded flow of a broad spectrum of bone graft materials through the pre-attached, rectangular insertion tool.

The rectangular cannula maximises the cross-sectional area available for graft material flow and eliminates the challenge of trying to apply bone graft after cage insertion. Since the system comes pre-assembled and sterilised in a single use tray, there is minimal scrub tech training and no implant tray re-processing/sterilisation—an ideal system for an ambulatory surgery centre or hospital, add Kleiner Device Labs.

Also, the implant is directly inserted—it is not touched or pre-packed. The KG2 system allows for a single insertion process to take the place of the multi-step, multi-instrument pass practice that is typical of current spinal fusion procedures. The surgical procedure with KG2 Surge spares contusion of delicate nerve tissue and reduces the risk of surgical site infection. Because the system comes pre-sterilised and pre-assembled, it also eliminates the back table ‘fiddle factor’.


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