K2M to launch a series of products at the North American Spine Society annual meeting


K2M, a spinal device company developing innovative solutions for the treatment of complex spinal pathologies and minimally invasive procedures, announced it will introduce five new products at the North American Spine Society (NASS) 26th Annual Meeting, 2−5 November 2011 in Chicago, building on the momentum of four additional product releases in the past month.

Eric Major, K2M’s president and chief executive office, said: “K2M is experiencing unprecedented growth as we deliver on our commitment to being a leader in the global spine market. Seven years ago at the NASS conference in Chicago, we launched our first product and K2M is thrilled to be announcing nine new products and demonstrating such robust growth in the place where it all began.”


New technologies introduced at the meeting will build upon K2M’s proven track record as a leader in the complex and minimally invasive approaches to the spine, as well as deliver on the company’s commitment to offering solutions for the full spectrum of spinal pathologies. K2M products launched at NASS include:


• The EverestDegenerative spinal system, a top-loading pedicle screw system featuring the ability to accommodate titanium and CoCr rods of two different diameters and a screw thread pitch designed to maximise both osteoporotic and dense bone fixation.


• The Chesapeake Anterior-Lumbar stabilisation system, a unique interbody device designed for stabilisation of the spine through an anterior approach. Manufactured from both biocompatible PEEK polymer and titanium, Chesapeake Anterior-Lumbar allows for anterior stabilisation and fixation with a zero-profile design and features K2M’s revolutionary tifix Locking Technology.


• The Aleutian Transforaminal-Lumbar (TLIF) II interbody system, with a full range of unique bulleted PEEK interbodies for posterior lumbar applications. The Aleutian TLIF II will include the Adjustable Inserter, which allows for variable angulation of the implant from 0 degrees to 55 degrees in-situ, helping the surgeon to insert the TLIF implant with precision and ease.


• The Aleutian Anatomically-Narrow (AN) Oblique interbody system, one of the latest additions to the ALEUTIAN family of products. With a full range of unique and anatomically designed PEEK Interbodies for oblique implant placement through a transforaminal-lumbar approach, Aleutian An Oblique offers innovative instrumentation that helps facilitate more efficient intraoperative use of the system.


• The Serengeti Complex Spine minimally invasive system, bringing K2M’s focus on complex spine and minimally invasive together into one system by providing surgeons the ability to address deformity, trauma, and tumor, while promoting tissue preservation. The system features next generation instrumentation to perform controlled reduction, manipulation, and above skin compression and distraction using the revolutionary Serengeti Retractor.