K2M launches Serengeti Complex Spine Minimally Invasive Retractor System


K2M has announced the launch of the Serengeti Complex Spine Minimally Invasive Retractor System at the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) 47th Annual Meeting in Chicago, USA. Serengeti provides the ability to address deformity, trauma, and tumour, while promoting tissue preservation.  

Serengeti Complex Spine features next generation instrumentation to perform complex reduction, controlled manipulation, and above-skin compression and distraction without compromising the option for direct visualisation. The system provides the ability to attach and remove the minimally invasive Reduction Tunnels intraoperatively, combining the benefits of a traditional rigid system with the benefits of the flexible, polymer Serengeti Retractor.

“Spinal surgery, from the simplest to the most complex procedures, is dynamic and can change mid-course. Serengeti Complex Spine allows for on-the-spot decision making, providing surgeons the option to attach or remove the Reduction Tunnels in-situ,” said Steven M DeLuca, orthopaedic surgeon at the Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania, USA.

Serengeti features a screw-based method of retraction, allowing for a fixed position to the anatomy. This simplified design allows for one-step, percutaneous placement of the screw and retractor, providing improved access for rod introduction.