K2M launches MESA small stature system in in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe


K2M has announced the launch of its MESA small stature spinal system in the Australian, New Zealand, and European spine markets. According to the company, the system is its first posterior spinal fixation product available for small stature patients. 

A company press release reported that the 4.5mm pedicle screw system provides surgeons with the lowest profile alternative for treating small stature patients. Coupled with the company’s zero-torque technology, it is designed to address the most difficult correction manoeuvers.

“At last, a system powerful enough to get the job done and elegant enough to look the part. When used with the 4.5mm MESA rail, I have a more powerful system than with a 5.5mm titanium rod and a lower profile than standard 3.5mm top loading systems. It shares the load like a Luque construct, allowing coupled multi-planar correction,” stated John Ferguson, orthopaedic spine surgeon in Auckland, New Zealand.