K2M launches Balance ACS 3D platform


K2M has introduced Balance ACS, a platform designed to apply three-dimensional solutions for spine patients. Balance ACS is intended to focus on achieving balance of the spine by addressing each anatomical vertebral segment with a 360-degree approach of the axial, coronal and sagittal planes, emphasising “Total Body Balance” as a critical component to surgical success.

K2M’s Balance ACS platform is designed to provide support to the full continuum of spinal care, from preauthorisation tools and preoperative planning to 3D anatomical modelling and postoperative reporting. According to a press release, the company will also use predictive analytics to aid in surgeon decision making and individualised care solutions for patients.

K2M will host physician workshops and symposiums on Balance ACS at leading spine conferences in the United States and internationally. These workshops will feature prominent spine surgeons presenting on the latest research and clinical applications of the Balance ACS platform.

The company has also entered into a development agreement with 3D Systems that includes an exclusive software solutions partnership, as part of the Balance ACS system, to aide in balancing the spine across all three planes.

In addition, K2M entered into a separate supply agreement with 3D Systems for production capacity to support the production of its CASCADIA Interbody Systems with Lamellar 3D titanium technology.

The company has also acquired the e-Fellow service-based technology that is designed to provide automated solutions to surgeons and healthcare systems to effectively collect real-time data and monitor patient outcomes. The software platform may assist patients and their physicians in obtaining insurance preauthorisation and quantifying patient care.