Joimax receives FDA clearance to market 3D-printed titanium cages in the USA

joimax’s EndoLIF product portfolio

Joimax has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance to market the EndoLIF Delta-Cage and EndoLIF DoubleWedge-Cage—both of which are intended for intervertebral body fusion procedures for various diseases of the lumbar spine, such as degenerative disc disease—in the USA.

The complete EndoLIF product portfolio consists of the Delta-Cage, the DoubleWedge-Cage, and the O/On-Cage.

According to German-based joimax, all three models are designed with special features such as:

  • 3D printed titanium for excellent bone ingrowth, fillable with bone or bone substitute material, pre- or post-insertion
  • Anatomical shape and lordotic correction options for OLIF, TLIF, and PLIF procedures
  • ‘Over-the-wire’ implantation for optimal targeted positioning in the intervertebral disc space
  • Endoscopic control of all surgical steps due to the EndoLIF platform technology

Ralf Wagner, head surgeon and founder of the Ligamenta Spine Centre in Frankfurt, Germany, said: “It is impressive how well these cages ensure primary stability, especially the DoubleWedge-Cage.”

Founder and CEO of joimax, Wolfgang Ries, added: “With FDA clearance of two of our cages, our EndoLIF platform gets more complete; the next major step in endoscopic spinal surgery is endoscopically-assisted fusion.

“More and more centres are proving the efficacy of these procedures in studies, demonstrating once again the major benefits of endoscopy in fusion. So far, our cages are well established in Europe and in selected centres in Asia, and now we are entering the USA, the biggest market for spinal fusion.”


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