joimax launches iLESSYS Delta system for treatment of spinal stenosis at DGNC 2015


joimax will introduce its new iLESSYS Delta system to the market at the 66th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC) (7–10 June, Karlsruhe, Germany).

joimax says that the iLESSYS Delta, an advanced development of the joimax iLESSYS technology, is suitable for dorsal and dorso lateral treatment of central spinal canal stenosis. The system enables a large area to be decompressed by means of the interlaminar access, guided by endoscopic-assisted vision.

“Since the access to the spine is the same as with the already well-established iLESSYS technique, usage is very straightforward.” said Guntram Krzok, orthopaedic surgeon from Waltershausen, Germany, after testing the new system at a joimax workshop early this year. “I was impressed by the new scope which delivers outstanding image quality. With the specialised instrument set, it is finally possible to achieve decompression of central spinal canal stenosis.”

The iLESSYS Delta instrument set includes specially developed tools that enable extensive, yet gentle, tissue-sparing decompression. The 6mm working channel of the new endoscope allows for the use of large shaver blades designed for bone resection and endo-kerrisons. An additional option is the plastic (PPSU) working tube for unimpaired X-ray examination.

“iLESSYS Delta is a logical addition to our portfolio. Not only is the system suitable for endoscopic decompression, but it also allows the parallel implantation of cages. This way we can achieve dorsal decompression and stabilisation in one step,” comments Wolfgang Ries, chief executive officer and founder of joimax.