Joimax introduces Endoscopic Generation 4 Devices and showcases new 3D-printed titanium implants at DWG

Joimax Endoscopy Tower System

At the 2018 annual meeting of the German Spine Society (DWG; 6—8 December, Wiesbaden, Germany), joimax will be introducing its Endoscopic Generation 4 Devices and showcasing new 3D-printed titanium implants.

This year, joimax will be focusing on their Endoscopic Tower Generation 4 Devices, a new solution for spinal surgery. They will showcase the new Camsource LED, a fully integrated camera and light source system that delivers images up to 4K; and the Vitegra, the integrated visualisation, documentation and commanding device. This marks the global launch of both devices, including in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Moreover, the company will exhibit its EndoLIF product line: the well-known 3D-printed EndoLIF O/On-Cage, the EndoLIF Delta Cage, and the EndoLIF Double Wedge Cage (approval expected shortly).

Additionally, joimax will show Intracs, the first complete electromagnetic navigation system for endoscopic minimally invasive spine surgery. Intracs is an easy to set up, user-friendly system that can serve as a stand-alone device. It relies on electromagnetic tracking and was designed specifically for simple and safe access to any spinal target. It is the only device on the market that allows for simultaneous navigation of multiple instruments such as needles, guiding rods, reamers, and endoscopes, also developed by joimax.

Besides an expanded booth presence with daily Meet-the-Expert Sessions, joimax will again host two lunch symposiums on endoscopic spinal procedures: one covering endoscopic pain therapy, and the other addressing diverse intracanal surgical treatment modalities, including endoscopic fusion.


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