Invuity announces agreement with Yankee Alliance


Invuity has announced an agreement with Yankee Alliance. The agreement will provide Yankee Alliance members access to Invuity’s innovative devices, which improve surgical visualisation without glare, shadows or thermal hazards, enhancing patient outcomes, safety and surgical efficiency. The technology enables less invasive surgical procedures that are better for, and in demand by, patients.

Invuity’s proprietary Eigr Illumination Technology is built into retractors, suction devices and other surgical instruments that place brilliant, cool light inside the incision, delivering unsurpassed illumination and visualisation for surgeons. The devices reduce the risk of thermal damage associated with traditional fibre optic lighting and may minimise the risk of foreign bodies being left behind in the surgical cavity. Better visualisation within the surgical cavity enables surgeons to quickly identify tissue planes, critical structures and sources of bleeding, thus improving outcomes and reducing operating room time. Invuity’s devices also minimise the need for lighting adjustments from overhead lighting or headlamps, improving surgical workflow, and reducing surgeon fatigue and discomfort.


The contract, effective June 1, 2014, enables Invuity to offer its technology to a wide array of healthcare organisations across the country that Yankee Alliance counts among its member pool.


“We are excited to bring Invuity’s industry-leading Eigr Illumination Technology to our members. This innovative technology for many less invasive surgeries can improve safety and operating room efficiencies while reducing costs across a range of procedures,” says Yankee Alliance vice president Craig Shoukimas.