InVivo Therapeutics neurosurgeon receives MDHonors grant to further spinal cord injury research


InVivo Therapeutics Holdings has announced that one of the company’s neurosurgeons, Amer Khalil, has been selected as the winner of an MDH Research Award, a grant given by MDHonors, to further InVivo’s research on spinal cord injury. 

Khalil was awarded a grant of US$10,000 for his project titled “Spinal cord repair using biomaterial-based drug-releasing strategies for reducing scarring and promoting regeneration.” Khalil’s project is important not only for InVivo’s second spinal cord injury product but also for the third product in the company’s portfolio, a platform intended for the reduction of fibrosis which has been developed to reduce scarring in both reparative surgical and dermatological applications.

“Amer has contributed to our team for over a year now, and we are proud to see his peer researchers acknowledge what we see every day at InVivo,” said Frank Reynolds, CEO, InVivo. “Neurosurgeons have many career path options, and Amer’s commitment to helping move the ball forward in neurotrauma research makes him the perfect recipient for the MDHonors Research Award. This award clearly underscores the importance of InVivo’s spinal cord injury projects and highlights Amer’s vital contributions to our efforts. This grant takes Amer one step further in his career as a surgeon-scientist and we are delighted his contributions to our team are being recognised.” 

About MDHonors

MDHonors is a division of LeadPhysician, an international physician organisation based in London, which comprises more than 500,000 members. LeadPhysician is a leading online panel of practicing physicians who participate in medical research surveys for companies in the medical industry.