InVictus MIS and open spinal fixation systems launched


Alphatec Holdings has announced the commercial release of InVictus, a spinal fixation platform designed to address a range of pathologies through a minimally invasive (MIS), open, or hybrid surgical approach.

“The InVictus platform incorporates and improves upon the learnings and know-how of a team with unmatched expertise in the field of posterior fixation,” said Pat Miles, chairman and chief executive officer. “InVictus will be the foundation for ATEC’s thoracolumbar surgical approaches and is a proxy for the sophistication that will be reflected across the entire ATEC portfolio. We are witnessing the unleashing of Spine’s new Organic Innovation Machine.”

With the introduction of the InVictus systems, ATEC has launched seven of twelve products planned for 2019.

InVictus MIS and open spinal fixation systems

The launch of the InVictus MIS and open fixation systems follow successful evaluations that began in November 2018.

As one of the market’s most comprehensive thoracolumbar fixation platforms, InVictus is designed to provide enhanced strength, adaptability, and predictability compared to previously available fixation systems. InVictus is designed to enable surgeons to customise surgical treatments to meet the clinical needs of each patient. The platform integrates seamlessly with SafeOp neurophysiology to provide objective, actionable, real-time information throughout the procedure for safer and more reproducible spine surgery.

“The level of experience and know-how of the internal design team is evident in every detail as it relates to the implants and instruments,” said Gurvinder S Deol of Wake Orthopaedics in Raleigh, USA. “From the unique InVictus thread pattern to the various reduction options, this sophistication results in excellent intraoperative adaptability, allowing me to tailor my approach to suit each patient. Integrating technologies like SafeOp into the InVictus platform provides real-time neural health feedback, and drives increased safety and better outcomes.”

Timothy R Kuklo of Denver International Spine Center in Colorado, USA added, “My practice consists of adult degenerative pathology to adolescent and adult deformity.  Having one reliable system that my team and I can utilise in all cases leads to more predictable outcomes, whether it’s an open, MIS, or hybrid approach.”

Key features

ATEC’s InVictus Comprehensive Spinal Fixation Platform has been designed to improve surgical outcomes across a range of degenerative and complex deformity thoracolumbar pathologies, even in the most challenging procedural scenarios. Paired with AlphaInformatiX technologies, InVictus is capable of seamlessly crossing the cervical-thoracic junction and integrating posterior approach systems.

Key features include:

  • Biomechanical strength necessary to achieve a solid fusion;
  • Unique lock screw design to enhance dependability by reducing head splay and cross threading;
  • Wide variety of low-profile implants that accept multiple rod diameters; and
  • Ergonomically designed instrumentation, designed to improve surgical predictability and comfort during complex surgeries.


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