Interventional Spine introduces the Perpos fusion facet prep kit


Interventional Spine has announced the introduction of the Single Use Perpos Fusion Facet Prep Kit, to be used in conjunction with the Perpos PLS System to promote fusion of the facet joints.

“Interventional Spine’s Perpos PLS System is the first and only percutaneous transfacet-pedicular compression system for posterior stabilisation during a fusion procedure,” said Walter A Cuevas, Interventional Spine’s CEO. “The Perpos PLS System, including the unique Bone-LOK PLS Implant, provides secure bilateral immobilisation of the facet joints, allowing the healing process to create fusion. The new kit, when used with Interventional Spine’s Perpos PLS System, is intended to enable clinicians to roughen the facet joints prior to stabilisation and to place bone graft material in the area of the facet joint, if desired,” Cuevas continued.