Interventional Spine gets US patent for the Opticage expandable interbody fusion device


Interventional Spine announced on 31 January 2012 that the United States Patent Office has issued US Patent No. 8,105,382, entitled Intervertebral Implant. This patent includes key claims that provide patent protection on the company’s unique expandable interbody fusion device, the Opticage.

Along with the Optiport access instrumentation, which provides percutaneous access to the disc space, the Opticage is a key component of the company’s new PerX360 system. This system provides surgeons the capability of performing a completely percutaneous lumbar interbody fusion procedure via two incisions smaller than 15mm in less than 45 minutes and, if appropriate, under local anesthesia.

Walter A Cuevas, CEO of Interventional Spine, commented: “The issuance of this key patent will further cement Interventional Spine’s unique leadership position in providing spinal surgeons the right, forward thinking tools for the next decade. Working together with surgeons from two continents, our engineers have developed a revolutionary technology that, in my opinion, will transform the way the world treats lumbar pain via fusion. We are grateful to all of the contributors who were involved in the development of this system.”