Intellirod Spine announces licensing milestone in development of spinal sensor


Intellirod Spine has entered into licensing and distribution agreements with X-spine Systems to utilise X-spine Fortex implants in conjunction with Intellirod’s forthcoming Loadpro disposable microelectronic sensor.

The Loadpro system is used during corrective spinal surgeries, and clamps onto a spinal rod at the time of implantation and enables surgeons to monitor rod strain levels as corrections are being made. This new data can help the surgeon balance left/right rod loads during corrective surgeries as well as indicate the level of strain in each rod. 

Ric Navarro, chief executive officer of Intellirod, expects this new data to lead to correlations between intra-operative rod loading and the incidences of screw loosening, implant breakage, and even fusion outcomes. “For the first time, surgeons will have guiding information to balance loads and bring consistency to their procedure which can lead to improved outcomes, fewer complications and lower post-operative care costs,” said Navarro. “We expect our collaboration with X-Spine and use of the Fortex system to lead to Food and Drug Administration approval of the Loadpro this year.”

Intellirod also plans to begin pairing the Loadpro with the Fortex system in initial alpha site launches later this year. An implantable version of the sensor, the Accuvista, is in development to aid surgeons in the post-operative wireless monitoring of rod strains.

David Kirschman, chief executive officer of X-spine, states, “We are excited about our partnership with Intellirod Spine. The Loadpro system is truly unique in our industry, and we look forward to working with the Intellirod team to bring this valuable technology into the hands of spinal surgeons.”