Integra LifeSciences launches an integrated plate and cervical interbody fixation system


Integra LifeSciences announced the global market introduction of the Zuma-CTM anterior cervical fixation system. 

The Zuma-CTM system features the benefits of a low-profile anterior fixation plate and a radiolucent interbody in an integrated, user-friendly device. The short articulating plate allows for optimal screw placement in bone and provides a favorable biomechanical environment, “I particularly like the short plate and the ability to fuse an adjacent segment without having to remove prior instrumentation,” said Farzad Massoudi, surgeon designer for the Zuma-CTM system.

Lokesh Tantuwaya, another surgeon who assisted in the design of the Zuma-CTM system, said, “The integrated plate and spacer gives me confidence because of its biomechanical strength and its ability to facilitate ideal plate alignment on the vertebral bodies, which greatly reduces my OR time.”*


*Based upon patient pathology and medical history, individual results may vary.