Integra LifeSciences launches Accell Evo3


Accell Evo3 is the latest generation in demineralised bone matrix and is composed of an optimised blend of particulate Demineralised Bone Matrix (DBM), the proprietary Accell Bone Matrix (ABM), and a unique poloxamer Reverse Phase Medium. The poloxamer Reverse Phase Medium is a thermo-reversible carrier that thickens at body temperature and is more flowable at room temperature.

The new Accell Evo3 contains more of the patented Accell Bone Matrix than Integra’s previous generation Accell products. The optimised platform of Accell Evo3 enables the bone healing process to take advantage of the naturally available bone proteins found in DBM and ABM. Accell Evo3 is marketed in combination with a new custom designed open bore syringe.

Accell Evo3 may be used as a bone graft extender in the spine, extremities and pelvis or as bone void filler for the extremities and pelvis, and may replace the need to harvest bone graft material from the iliac crest, thus sparing the patient additional surgery and post-operative pain.