Injectable bone substitute receives EU approval


Cerament Spine Support, of BoneSupport, has received EU approval for treatment of vertebral fractures in patients with osteoporosis.

“The EU approval means a major breakthrough for BoneSupport in the European market. We are preparing launches in several markets and have already established sales in the US. The approval has therefore come at a very opportune moment,” explains Fredrik Lindberg, CEO of BoneSupport.
In an initial stage the approval applies to use of the injectable bone substitute for treatment of vertebral fractures primarily in patients with osteoporosis. BoneSupport foresees approval of its other product Cerament Bone Void Filler in the coming months.
BoneSupport has prepared for the introduction of Cerament by recently establishing a subsidiary in Germany with responsibility for sales in central Europe. In addition the company has a distribution agreement with OsteoGen for the Italian market.