Initial cases performed using Life Spine Sentry lateral plate system


Life Spine logoInitial cases have been successfully completed with Life Spine’s Sentry lateral plate system. The product is designed to offer a low profile, intuitive design with a cam-locking mechanism, intended to provide visual, tactile and audible confirmation of final locking.

“The Sentry lateral plate system is a key innovation…the slim profile and small size work…with my minimally invasive approach, allowing me to keep the incision site as small as possible,” says Zeshan Hyder, orthopaedic spinal surgeon at the Bone and Joint Specialists in Merrillville, USA. “I am also able to achieve the ideal amount of fixation without having to use percutaneous screws. Because of that, I am only creating one incision site instead of multiple.”

According to a company release, the Sentry system is scheduled for full product release by the end of 2016.