Impliant launches less-invasive TOPS spine system


Impliant has announced that it conducted the first surgery in the United States using a less-invasive version of its TOPS System, a Total Posterior Arthroplasty device designed to treat spinal stenosis with or without facet arthrosis and spondylolisthesis. The surgery was performed by Dr Domagoj Coric, Neurosurgeon at the Charlotte Neurosurgery and Spine Associates in Charlotte, NC, as part of the company’s TOPS IDE clinical study.

The less-invasive version features a reduced L5 crossbar configuration that the company feels will further reduce tissue retraction and operative time during TOPS implantation.

“The procedure went very well,” commented Coric. “I feel this new version is a significant improvement over the original TOPS design and is a natural progression of making implants as minimally-invasive as possible while still being able to withstand the biomechanical demands of the lumbar spine.”

Impliant recently received FDA approval to begin re-enrolling patients in its prospective, randomised IDE study comparing the TOPS System to a traditional posterior fusion. The company voluntarily suspended enrolment in the study in September of last year following one device-related failure.