Implanet white paper confirms safety and efficacy of Jazz system

Implanet Jazz system
Implanet Jazz system

Implanet has announced the publication of a new white paper, which presents clinical results from a group of adolescents suffering from hypokyphotic thoracic scoliosis treated with Jazz sublaminar implants.

According to a company release, this study—co-authored by the Departments of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery at the Robert Debré (Paris), La Timone (Marseille) and Purpan (Toulouse) hospitals in France—confirms both safety and efficacy of the Jazz system in the treatment of hypokyphotic idiopathic scoliosis. The study followed a 35 patient consecutive series for an average of 34-months.

“These results confirm the efficacy of combining the posteromedial translation technique with rigid chrome-cobalt rods, enabling sagittal alignment to be restored in hypokyphotic patients suffering from idiopathic scoliosis,” says Brice Ilharreborde, one of the surgeons involved in the project, adding, “The use of Jazz sublaminar bands should be considered for these patients to reduce complication rates and, in particular, the risk of intra-operative failure of the concave screws as a result of pulling from the bone. Furthermore, the reduced number of implants used to adequately treat these deformities allows the cost of surgery and the risk of medullary complication to be reduced.”

Although many surgeons still advocate using constructs consisting entirely of screws for this type of patient, the results of this study show that the Jazz system should be a recommended front-line treatment, in particular when treating hypokyphotic pathologies.