Implanet launches Jazz Claw implant


 Implanet has been granted US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) and CE mark in Europe to market its new Jazz Claw implant.

Jazz Claw is a hybrid implant providing autostable posterior fixation, intended to replace traditional hook-and-screw fixation systems. Jazz Claw is designed to treat complex degenerative pathologies in adults (kyphosis), a growing indication driven by the aging population.

Régis Le Couedic, Implanet’s product development & manufacturing director, says: “Jazz Claw is Implanet’s response to the complex issue of securing the top of constructs in adolescent scoliosis and adult degenerative deformities. This biomechanically challenging area was traditionally treated with pedicle screws or hooks, with inherent drawbacks that the Jazz Claw eliminates. The result of a collaboration with prominent surgical teams, Jazz Claw is a new hybrid solution that provides ease of use, versatility and the power of sublaminar band reduction in a high demand location.”