Implanet granted US patent for Jazz Lock technology

jazz lock
Jazz Lock implant

Implanet has announced that its Jazz Lock technology, which is an integral part of its Jazz solutions platform, has been granted a patent in the USA.

A major component of the broadest range of band products on the market, Jazz Lock is a multipurpose implant designed to treat degenerative spine disorders. Thanks to its locking mechanism requiring no rod fixation, its use with a Jazz Band polyester braid allows surgeons to shorten and simplify the surgical procedure by eliminating two steps used in traditional systems: locking screws and connecting rods.

Since its launch, Implanet has sold more than 1,700 Jazz Lock devices, mainly for the treatment of degenerative spine disorders.

The new patent in the USA, a strategic and competitive market, is a valuable addition to Implanet’s Jazz platform patent portfolio. The Jazz Lock innovative locking mechanism, which requires no rod fixation, is an integral part of Jazz Cap, a comprehensive, proprietary solution used to secure screws in poor quality bone, as required in 10–30% of vertebral fusion cases in adult patients.

Implanet CEO Ludovic Lastennet said: “We are continuing to execute our development strategy, in which protecting our innovations is a top priority. Protecting the Jazz Lock intellectual property is crucial, as most of our future developments, including the Jazz Cap, will leverage this technology. Along with our partners, we expect that Jazz Cap coupled with Jazz Lock will become the optimal alternative to cement augmented pedicle screws. The full-scale launch of this technology is scheduled for September, when a global presentation will be given at the annual meeting of the North American Spine Society in Chicago, USA [NASS; 25–28 September].”


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