iFuse implant has now been used in more 10,000 procedures


SI-BONE has announced that its iFuse implant system, which is a minimally invasive surgical device indicated for fusion of the sacroiliac  joint, has been used in over 10,000 procedures worldwide—using over 29,000 iFuse implants

A press release reports that adoption of the procedure continues to expand and adds that more than 700 surgeons have performed the iFuse procedure in the US, Canada, and 13 countries in Europe. Four additional European countries are expected to begin performing surgeries with the iFuse implants soon

Steven Garfin, distinguished pofessor and chairman, department of Orthopedic Surgery, UC San Diego, USA, says: “A little over four years ago, when I first learned about SI-BONE and the iFuse procedure, I was intrigued and thought this would potentially be something useful but only for a very limited number of patients. However, after a little over four years now and over 10,000 procedures, it is obvious that the SI joint disorders that are treatable with the iFuse are much more prevalent than previously recognized. SI-BONE has pioneered this new approach to treating the SI joint and the iFuse is the only minimally invasive surgery device that has published clinical safety and effectiveness evidence to support its use. I am impressed with the company’s focus on patients.”