Globus Medical launches Monument anterior spondylolisthesis reduction system


Globus Medical has announced the launch of Monument, a unique anterior lumbar interbody fusion device with a built-in mechanical feature designed to aid in spondylolisthesis reduction. The self-locking and threaded translational feature can be engaged to reduce the implant up to 8mm in situ and the screws are designed for optimal cortical purchase.

“Monument, with its threaded translational reduction feature, is designed to be more efficient for the surgeon by incorporating mechanised implant reduction with an integrated plate-spacer. Alternative procedures require additional steps in treating this challenging condition. Our new system includes all the benefits typical of an anterior lumbar interbody spacer with a large stabilising surface area and large graft window to optimise fusion,” comments Andrew Iott, senior vice president of Product Development.

“The implant’s translational reduction feature performs exceptionally well. Monument offers the benefits of an integrated ALIF system and simple, intuitive instruments combined with in-situ implant reduction, making it an attractive surgical solution for patients with spondylolisthesis,” comments Christopher Tomaras, neurosurgeon at Peachtree Neurosurgery in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

The Monument spacer is available in different sizes, heights and sagittal angles to accommodate the lumbar and sacral spine, including L5-S1. The device is intended for use with supplemental fixation.