Globus Medical announces Rise-L expandable lateral interbody fusion device


Globus Medical has introduced Rise-L, a lateral lumbar interbody fusion (LLIF) device and the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of expandable spacers.

The LLIF procedure, approaching the spine from the side of the patient, allows for a larger implant footprint, and is less disruptive to lower back muscles as compared other approaches, which may result in less blood loss and faster recovery.

Rise-L is a vertically-expanding LLIF device designed to minimise impaction, maximise indirect decompression, and provide a large graft space optimal for fusion potential. The all-titanium implant is designed for up to 7mm of continuous in situ expansion and to provide restorative disc height with proper anatomical fit. Available in multiple sizes, in parallel or lordotic profiles, Rise-L provides options for surgeons to address proper sagittal balance. A large single graft chamber can be filled with autogenous bone graft material after insertion and expansion to ensure even contact with both vertebral endplates.

“Our expansion technology allows the Rise-L cage to be placed in compact form, and expanded for optimal fit, and also includes a large port for easy graft delivery once expanded,” commented Andrew Iott, senior vice president of product development.

“Having used Rise-L, I am encouraged by the results in my patients. This novel expandable cage addresses many issues with lumbar fusion devices on the market today. With all the benefits of the lateral approach as well as gentle cage insertion, in situ expandability, and robust lordotic options, Rise-L offers a customised fit and less endplate disturbance. The implant has a graft chamber that is comparable to non-expandable cages as well as a large backfilling port for inserting additional graft material after expansion,” said Kevin S Cahill, spinal neurosurgeon at Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates, USA.