Get online with #NASS


Always seeking to engage with spine specialists in new and exciting ways, the North American Spine Society (NASS) has launched a new social media campaign through its Facebook page, combining light-hearted “Throwback Thursday” (#TBT) posts with inspirational quotes from pioneers in the medical field.

The daily campaign invites its 3,600+ followers to vote in polls every Monday, allowing them to discover more about trends among their peers. Polls ask questions such as, “What is your biggest concern in health care?” On the lighter side, Tuesday features a “fun fact in spine,” such as “Both giraffes and humans have seven vertebrae in their necks.”

Wednesday’s post asks followers to “Fill in the blanks” on fun questions, with Thursday and Friday offering the aforementioned #TBT and quote posts.

NASS’ new Facebook campaign is just one of the ways to engage with the society through social media. NASS has also recently started an Instagram page (@NASSpics), where users will be able to keep up with the highlights of this year’s Annual Meeting. For the latest updates on clinical research, advocacy work and other society happenings, join NASS’s 5,400-strong Twitter following. NASS’ LinkedIn group—which includes over 4,300 members—provides its users with a valuable 24/7 discussion resource.

NASS’ Twitter page

To join the latest conversations in spine, NASS’s members-only SpineConnect website offers an open forum to talk about cases, research and more with peers. Featuring a platform to connect fellows and mentors, a career directory, as well as blogs from SpineLine, the user-friendly website is a one-stop-shop for academic collaboration.

SpineLine, NASS’ bimonthly clinical and news magazine, is also available digitally, on computers and tablets as an interactive PDF. With a registered NASS login, users can jump between articles at the press of a button, as well as click direct links to citations. Back issues are also archived online for viewing at any time. For your mobile phone, the issue can be browsed through the SpineLine app, available for download from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. NASS members can access all of the digital SpineLine content.

For more information on the society’s advocacy efforts, as well as a monthly update on policy issues affecting spine care practice and research, there is NASS’ Health Policy Review Monthly.

For patients, NASS offers the collection of accessible, peer-reviewed resources. Patients can ask general questions about their spine health, to be answered by NASS experts, and access a wealth of text- and video-based educational content.

All of NASS’ content is centred around the website, where members can access links to the resources described above, as well as find out more about NASS’ educational courses, coverage recommendations, research funding and more.