Genesys Spine debuts TiLock cortical spinal system at NASS 2016


Genesys Spine has released the TiLock cortical spinal system, launching the product at the North American Spine Society’s 2016 annual meeting (NASS).

TiLock cortical spinal system is intended to offer midline screw placement with a medial/lateral trajectory to provide a substantial anatomy-conserving alternative to traditional pedicular fixation. Its tapered, self-drilling/tapping feature is designed to facilitate an easy start that transitions into a corticocancellous thread form for maximum fixation in bone. According to a company release, the reduced tulip head profile allows for efficient screw placement with nominal bony removal helping to mitigate the risk of adjacent facet encroachment.

Matthew Philips, director of the Brain and Spine Center at SouthCoast Health in Dartford, USA, and board-certified neurosurgeon, says, “The Genesys spine cortical screw system is a low-profile screw system that requires less dissection and provides superior fixation compared to traditional pedicle screws. The low profile combined with unique thread geometry proved for insertional ease with maximal purchase.”