First US surgeries performed with 4Web Medical’s curved posterior spine Truss system

4Web's Curved Posterior Truss system
4Web’s Curved Posterior Truss system

4Web Medical has announced that the first surgeries using the company’s Curved Posterior Spine Truss system (PSTS) for transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion procedures have been performed.

Jeffrey Wise, Blue Ridge Orthopaedic and Spine Center, who used the Curved PSTS upon its market release, says, “While 4Web’s truss implants have at least three times more surface area for cell adhesion and differentiation than competitive products, the most important feature is found in the structural mechanics associated with the truss design. The kinetic load distribution throughout the… fusion column delivers microstrain to adjacent cellular material which can aid in healing by capitalising on the concepts described by Wolff’s law.”

“New product launches have made a significant contribution to 4Web’s growth and expansion this year,” said Geoffrey Bigos, 4Web Medical’s vice president of Spine Sales. “Year to date growth over the previous year has surpassed 103% in both revenue and unit sales.  The [fourth quarter 2016] addition of the Curved TLIF implant and the expected [first quarter 2017] launch of the Lateral Spine Truss system will certainly set the stage for a repeat performance in 2017.”