First US surgeries performed using 4WEB Medical’s Lateral Spine Truss system

4WEB Medical’s Lateral Spine Truss system

The first surgeries using 4WEB Medical’s Lateral Spine Truss system have been performed across the USA. The lateral interbody fusion device is designed to solve known surgical problems associated with legacy annular implant designs, according to a company release.

“4WEB’s spine truss implants have proven to be very effective in providing excellent surgical outcomes for my patients,” says Frank Cammisa, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York City, USA. “In contrast to older ring-shaped implants with hollow cores, 4WEB’s truss implant web structure spans the entire endplate providing strong initial fixation and minimising subsidence.”

The system is designed with a unique bi-convex dome that distributes load across a larger surface area and has three times more textured surface topography when compared to other competitive spine implants. The product uses a proprietary truss design.

“A recent study comparing 4WEB’s lateral truss implant to a ring implant design demonstrated that the truss design had superior resistance to subsidence,” says John Peloza, Center for Spine Care, Dallas, USA.  “In fact, the 40mm length truss implant displayed 61% greater resistance to subsidence than the 60mm length ring implant. These results are indicative of the optimised load distribution inherent to 4WEB’s truss implant technology that maximises endplate contact while providing an open architecture for bone formation and fusion.”


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