First US implantation of Spineway’s Mont-Blanc minimally invasive implant takes place


The completion of the first minimally invasive surgery using Spineway’s Mont-Blanc minimally invasive surgery product line has taken place in the USA. The operation was performed by Ludwig Orozco, a neurosurgeon in Dallas.

This first implantation was performed on a patient presenting with degeneration on several vertebral levels. Surgical treatment required the use of eight pedicle screws and two titanium-alloy rods from the product line. These instruments are intended to meet practitioners’ growing needs for increasingly technological tools, like constructs involving over three vertebral levels, as in the present case.

According to a company release, this first successful operation will allow Spineway to position itself in the US market. Dependant on the success of its international launch, the company plans to accelerate its research and development in order to widen the scope of application of its technologies, to cover a larger range of disorders.