First surgery performed with Expanding Orthopedics’ FLXfit 3D expandable interbody cage


Expanding Orthopedics has announced that the first surgery ever, using its FLXfit, the world’s first 3D expandable interbody cage, has been performed by Jean-Charles Le Huec in France.

Le Huec, head, Ortho-Spine Department, Bordeaux University Hospital, France and former president of the European Spine Society and the International Society of Advanced Spinal Surgery, says that “I am very excited to start using the FLXfit product as it combines several critical features that are important clinically: large footprint coverage cage that can be inserted in a regular or a minimal invasive way and then expanded to fit the patient’s anatomy, making it a very useful tool in our daily practice.” Le Huec explains that “the big difference with existing devices is the FLXfit’s ability to combine the above mentioned features with lordosis angle correction, which can help restore the sagittal balance, which is crucial for a successful fusion procedure.” He concludes, “we will need to perform additional cases and have a longer follow-up but I believe that the FLXfit represent a class of devices that may change the way spine surgeons treat their patients in the future.”


Ofer Bokobza, chief executive officer of Expanding Orthopedics, says, “I am extremely honoured that Le Huec, a world renowned spine KOL, and his dedicated team at the CHU of Bordeaux, were part of this exciting and important milestone.” Ofer adds, “We see an increased interest and fast momentum building with this product; we have scheduled surgeries this month in Germany, followed by start of surgeries in the USA during the month of September which will represent our initial entry into the US market. We are in the process of signing additional distributors in the USA and expect a very fruitful and exciting year.”