First surgeries performed using Safe Orthopaedics’ SteriSpineCC products


The first surgeries using Safe Orthpaedics’ new SteriSpineCC range for cervical vertebrae surgeries have gone ahead successfully.

Designed for single use, the SteriSpineCC kit is designed for ease of use, with its sterile instrumentation pre-mounted on the implant, aiming to shorten operating times and reduce the cost of procedures, while improving patient safety and ensuring availability at all times.

Pierre Dumouchel, interim chief executive officer of Safe Orthopaedics, comments, “We want to provide a solution facilitating the treatment of degenerative cervical conditions by delivering the combined benefits of a stable anatomical implant with our single-use instruments. This type of surgery opens the door to fast-track and outpatient surgery.”

To date, four surgeries have been carried out by Jean-Charles Le Huec, Bordeaux University Hospital (Bordeaux, France), and by Antonio Faundez, a surgeon at Hôpital de la Tour in Switzerland.

“This new system is genuinely straightforward and makes the surgery safer by helping to reduce operating times”, comments Jean-Charles Le Huec.

“Always ready for use, the SteriSpineCC range is genuinely easy to use at every stage of the surgical process”, concludes Antonio Faundez.

The SteriSpineCC kit is scheduled for launch in the third quarter of 2016.