First patients treated with TranS1 percutaneous nucleus replacement


TranS1 has announced the first patients treated with its percutaneous nucleus replacement (PNR) implant.

The PNR can be surgically delivered into the degenerated disc through a single, one and a half inch incision without damaging or dissecting any supportive soft tissue structures such as muscles, ligaments and the disc annulus. Consequently, the patients receiving the PNR were ambulatory within two hours of the surgery. These first patients are part of a pilot study to assess the safety and effectiveness of the PNR.

The first procedures were performed at the Neurosurgical Centre in Zwolle, The Netherlands, by Dr Dick Zeilstra, an early adopter of the TranS1 AxiaLIF lumbar fusion procedure and a lead investigator with the PNR pilot study. He commented, “The PNR is a revolutionary technology to add to my armament of treatment options for my patients suffering from back pain. This implant allows me to restore the function of the patient while relieving their pain.”