First implantation using Vertebral Technologies’ Interfuse in Mexico a success

Vertebral Technologies’ Interfuse technology

Vertebral Technologies has announced the successful outcome of the first lumbar fusion procedure in Mexico using the Interfuse laterally expandable device.

Since September 2016, the company has partnered with Mexico-based medical product company BioMedical Technologies to bring their products to the Mexican market.

Neurosurgeon José Antonio Pedrero Gil at the Hospital AIR in Villahermosa, Mexico performed the procedure on a 38-year old female patient with grade two spondylolisthesis. According to a company release, at three months, the patient is completely pain-free and walking normally.

The Interfuse is designed to allow surgeons to implant a large footprint device through a minimally-invasive posterior to transforaminal with an angled approach of 0-35 degrees. The modularity of the implant is designed to allow it to be anatomically customised to the patient’s disc space. Pedrero states, “The InterFuse device appeals to me because it [is] easy to use, and the large footprint ensures fusion and also eliminates the risk of retropulsion.”