First Glyder facet restoration surgery completed in Cyprus


Zyga Technology has announced the first implantation of the Glyder facet restoration device in Cyprus. The device was implanted to address new-onset facet joint pain in a patient with a previous total disc replacement.

“The ability to preserve motion in patients who have benefited from a disc prosthesis, or total disc replacement, but suffer from facetogenic pain, is very exciting,” said Antoine Tohmeh, who performed the surgery at the Cyprus based American Institute of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. “Following a total disc replacement, a significant number of patients may experience facet joint degeneration. The Glyder device enables me to provide long-term relief of facet pain without the need for fusion.”

The origin of chronic low back pain can be traced to the facet joints in approximately 31% of cases. Each year, a growing number of total disc replacement procedures is performed, with approximately 20% of patients developing facet joint degeneration. For many patients, steroid injections or denervation provide facet pain relief; but when these treatments fail to provide relief, the only option is fusion.

“The Glyder device was designed to provide motion-preserving pain relief,” said Jim Bullock, president and chief executive officer of Zyga Technology. “Its ability to address the specific pain generator, without sacrificing surrounding anatomy or previous therapeutic successes, holds great potential for physicians and patients dealing with lumbar pain.”