First EOS site opens in South Korea

EOS imaging system
EOS imaging system

EOS imaging has announced the official opening of the first EOS site in South Korea at the Konyang University Hospital, Nonsan. The University Hospital serves an adult and paediatric population of seven million outpatients and 25 million inpatients on average per year.

Kim Sang Beom, chief of the Spine Centre and Orthopedics Department and board member of the Korea Spine Surgeon Association, comments, “EOS is a real innovative technology with low dose biplanar 2D/3D radiography that is approved by NECA (Korea’s National Evidence-based healthcare Collaborating Agency). We are happy to be able to extend our services and care to our patients with this technology, including beginning to screen children and students using the applicable micro-dose option. The Konyang University Hospital uses the most advanced technology for better patient outcome. EOS will be the gold standard for musculoskeletal treatment in the near future.”

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