First dualPortal endscopic spine procedure performed


Amplify Surgical has announced the completion of the first endoscopic spine procedure using its dualPortal solution—a novel two-portal endoscopic approach that the company says allows surgeons to easily learn and perform a wider range of lumbar spine procedures than with the conventional one-portal technique.

The first dualPortal endoscopic spine procedure was performed by Don Young Park at UCLA Health (Los Angeles, USA). He said: “dualPortal endoscopy has completely changed my practice. The visualisation is much improved as compared to the microscope. There is really no limitation to what I can do with the dualPortal technique. The technique is truly enabling and opens up so many possibilities.”

Andy Choi, CEO of Amplify Surgical, added: “It is encouraging to witness a vision that was once just a thought become real life. The dualPortal endoscopic approach to the spine will allow many surgeons to bring the best in class minimally invasive solution to more patients. It is also the most suitable procedural solution for endoscopic fusion using dualX expandable interbody implants. This marks our first step in the journey to a dualPortal-dualX endoscopic fusion and we can’t be more thrilled with the prospects.”


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